The strangest, and least understood, Sphere is unlike any of the others. Where most Spheres focus on personal achievement; empowering the practitioner so that they might pursue their own goals, this Sphere is focused on granting others the strength and affinity they need to thrive. Adherents of this path are known as Servitors.

Augmentation 1: Crash Course (Undefended) – The Huldufolk has learned to share knowledge or, in times of crisis, simply give it away. For 1 hour, the target learns a single affinity that the Huldufolk knows. The Huldufolk loses access to that affinity while this is active.

Spend: You can instead grant a Focus, regardless of whether or not the target has the prerequisite affinity. If they do not, they automatically gain that affinity for the duration.

Augmentation 2: Help from Afar (Undefended) – This power is passive. The Huldufolk cannot always be next to their charge, but with this power they might as well be. The Huldufolk can assist another’s actions even in situations where they normally couldn’t (aiding attack from across the room, aiding a drive check over the phone, etc).

Spend: In times of need, the Huldufolk becomes sharper and more capable on behalf of another than on their own. For 1 turn, the assistance the Huldufolk provides is improved. If you don’t possess the affinity, you can still grant a +1. If you do possess the affinity, but not a focus, you grant +3. If you possess the appropriate focus, you grant +5.

Augmentation 3: Bodyguard (Undefended) – At times, the best protector has to decide that their own safety is secondary to that of their charge. For one turn, any damage taken by your target is instead inflicted upon you. (Note: This cannot be chained. Another character cannot then take the damage on your behalf.)

Spend: When taking damage on behalf of another character, that damage is reduced by 1.

Augmentation 4: What’s Mine is Yours (Undefended) – The Huldufolk is, at this point, a master of self-sacrifice. So potent is their willingness to give of themselves that they can grant access to their own powers. For one turn, your target gains access to a single supernatural power you possess, you lose access to the power for that duration.

Spend: The duration is increased to an hour.

Augmentation 5: The Giving Tree (Undefended) – There is no commodity so important, or so hotly contested, as Belief. With this power, a Huldufolk can sacrifice even this last and most potent sign of their power. For one hour, the character can spend Belief on behalf of other characters, granting them the direct benefits, or empowering their magic with its strength.

Spend: The user can also Burn Belief on behalf of other characters.

Burn: The character’s sacrifice is rewarded. You do not need to spend Belief to grant other characters the spend benefits of the first three levels of their Greater Paths.