Lesser Paths

Lesser Paths

There are five Lesser Paths in Huldufolk. As discussed above, a character’s primary Sphere is chosen at creation, and they receive levels of that Lesser Path equal to their Belief for free. A character can purchase levels of other Lesser Paths with XP, but can never possess a Lesser Path rating higher than their current Belief.

Each level of a Lesser Path offers a +1 bonus to relevant tests while it is active; changing a character’s active Lesser Path takes one Supernatural Action1See Additional Mechanics: Actions.

Ex: A character with Lesser Creation 3 active gets a +3 to all tests relevant to that Sphere. If they wish to activate Lesser Destruction to gain its bonuses instead, they will need to spend a Supernatural Action to do so.


The Sphere of Creation is the home of artists, life-givers, and all those who value cultivation for its own sake. Increasing mastery of the Lesser Path grants benefit to all acts of creation or creativity, as well as a bonus to the user’s mundane defensive threshold.


The Sphere of Destruction lends itself not only to the monsters of the underworld, but also to the noble defenders of the helpless, the valiant knights in the hosts of holy armies, and to all those who seek to bring about change in the world around them. Each level of Lesser Destruction grants a bonus to acts of violence or destruction, or acts intended to bring about change. Lesser Destruction also grants a bonus to all offensive supernatural tests.


There can be no empire without a conqueror, and the Sphere of Conquest is where the greatest and most terrible conquerors find their power. Any act of taking control, attempting to usurp or violate the claims of other characters, or sway others to your service gains a bonus from this Path. Additionally, Lesser Conquest grants a direct bonus to all offensive mundane tests.


Keep what is yours, make it safe, and allow no one to usurp your claim. This is the basis of the Sphere of Dominion, and its adherents live this ideal with every breath. Any action devoted to keeping control of yourself, your territory, or to enforcing your sovereignty receives a bonus from Dominion, this same bonus is also granted to a character’s supernatural defensive threshold.


For every knight there is a squire, for every king, a kingdom. Many view the role of the servitor as a weak one, of minor import to the great and powerful. Those who master the Sphere of Service, however, understand the truth; that only by consent of the governed can a ruler stand. The path of Lesser Service grants no immediate benefit to the practitioner. Instead, a Servitor can grant a total number of bonuses to other characters equal to their rank in this Path. The bonuses can all go to a single character, or be split up among multiple targets. The recipient of this largesse is unable to refuse the gift, nor to force its award through any means. The gift can be granted only by the unaltered will of the Servitor.