Focuses on altering the nature of reality. Lower levels allow for the bending of chance or circumstance, higher levels allow for gross rewriting of the world around the practitioner, twisting it to serve their purposes.

Change 1: That’s What I Meant (Undefended) – The Huldufolk can make a small addition to a given situation, so long as that addition would not contradict the description already given by the storyteller. (EX: A handy tool was left nearby [no bonus, mundane equipment])
Note: These changes are small, a single mundane item laying around, a door or window being unlocked, a strand of hair left on the floor. The ST, not the player, determines the origin of these items. A player might say, “There’s a diary sitting on the desk”, which is a valid use of the power, but the ST is justified in saying that the diary is empty, or contains a grocery list, agenda, etc. STs are encouraged to exercise discretion.

Spend: The character may alter something already described (EX: A stoplight is green instead of red, a key that didn’t fit just needed to be turned the other way). The ST is the arbiter of what can and cannot be changed.

Change 2: I Knew That (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – By spending a supernatural action, the character gains access to an affinity they do not possess for one round. If the character already possesses that affinity, they may choose to gain a Focus in it (even if they have already reached the maximum number of allowed Foci). Alternatively, the character may attempt to deny access to an affinity to their enemy. The player selects an affinity and, if the target possesses that affinity, they lose it for one round. If the player chooses to target a Focus, they must specify that they are doing so, and if the target possesses that Focus, they lose access to it for one round.

Spend: This power’s duration is extended to one hour.

Change 3: Water to Wine (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – On a whim, the Huldufolk can reshape what is and is not real. The Huldufolk changes the composition of a mundane object, turning water to wine, steel to silk, or stone to air, adding or removing benefits as they see fit (add or remove bonuses up to the mundane maximum, or low enough that the object no longer functions as equipment). With a single activation, the Huldufolk can alter up to 1 ton of total material, or up to 10 cubic meters in volume (whichever is larger). If the object is currently in the possession of another character, they may choose to Defend against this power. To use this power, the character must touch the object in question.

Spend: The Huldufolk may choose to target magical objects. However, the changes on a magical item are not permanent, the object reverts to its original material after 1 hour unless the Huldufolk spends an additional Belief to continue the effect.

Change 4: Werewolf (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk improves their capacity for change, altering their own body in fantastical ways. The user gains 2 of the following abilities:

  • Flight
  • Waterbreathing
  • Increased Health (+2)
  • Unnatural Weapons (magical equipment, +3, 1 Minor Effect)
  • Unnatural Armor (magical equipment, +3, 1 Minor Effect)
  • Burrowing
  • Supernatural Senses

Spend: The Huldufolk can inflict change upon other characters. Select from the following list:

  • Blindness: The character is blinded until healed. They do not have line of sight unless they have access to a supernatural method of operating without sight.
  • Lameness: The character can only take one action per round (either mundane or supernatural) until healed.
  • Waterbreathing: Only water. The character takes 1 level of damage for every round spend without submerging their head in water.
  • Infirmity: The character’s maximum threshold (either mundane or supernatural) is reduced by 2, if their current threshold is lower than the new maximum, the current threshold is unaffected.

Change 5: A Trick of Perspective (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk is the arbiter of what is and is not true, inflicting widespread and dramatic change throughout their immediate area. The scenery is altered, or the air changed to noxious gas. Minor Actors may be added or removed to the scene, or may have any change inflicted upon them at will. Perhaps they are restored to full health and refreshed, or perhaps they find that their organs are replaced with steel, to their very temporary discomfort. If the change would directly affect another character, they may choose to Defend. The Huldufolk who activated this power activates it once, and all attempts to resist are against that target number. This state of Godhead lasts for one round, at which point the effects become the new reality.

Spend: In addition to the normal effects, Major Actors may be affected by this power. Major Actors cannot be killed outright or added to or removed from the scene, but the changes inflicted will do damage as though this were an attack.

Burn: Major Actors can be added to or removed from this scene. If they are unwilling, they can Defend.