Huldufolk Mechanics System

Huldufolk Mechanics System

Authors: Joe Perry, Jacob Shpiece
Contributors: Rob Paul, Sarah Farley, DJ Hicks, Jeremy White

Initial Notes

Caveat: This is the playtest rule set for the Huldufolk LARP. While these rules have now weathered multiple playtests, they will likely undergo several cycles of testing and modification before a final version. Everyone playtesting this ruleset is invited to fill out the survey and provide us with feedback to assist in the refinement process.


  • Actor (Major) – A huldufolk or other character considered to be a major figure in the world. Major Actors receive a full deck and always have both mundane and physical resistance thresholds.
  • Actor (Minor) – A human, minion, or other relatively unimportant character. Minor Actors receive half decks and, if they are mundane, do not have a supernatural resistance threshold.
  • Belief – The measure of a given character’s power in the world, based on both the humans who have faith in them and the supernatural creatures who have sworn fealty to them.
  • Deck (Full) – A full deck consists of the cards Ace-10.
  • Deck (Half) – A half deck consists of the cards Ace-5
  • Focus – A affinity to which a character has devoted an uncommon amount of time and study, marking them as far above the standard in that area.
  • Quality – One of a character’s three innate aspects which define who they are and how they approach the world.
  • Affinity – One of a character’s areas of knowledge and ability.