The Blessed

The Blessed

“What man hides from God, God hides from man. But though we are hidden from man, we are given a great gift. Though the Angels bless us with power and influence over the flock, the Lord blesses us with free will, something the Angels above have never had. The past has been written; what comes next is the choice of man, with the guidance of the Huldufolk.”

In the Beginning

No one truly knows how mankind or the Huldufolk began, and the Angels are silent on the issue, as they are most things. This is the story the Blessed tell themselves.

In the beginning God made the earth, the heavens, the seas, the animals, fish, birds, and all the creeping things in the ground. He made light, and wind. He made Adam and Eve in his image, and gave them the beautiful paradise of Eden.

But Lucifer, the great tempter, coaxed Adam and Eve into sampling forbidden knowledge. They were cast from Eden into the land of Nod. As they wandered, Eve came with child and had two daughters: Aclima and Azura. Surprised and ashamed of these creatures, Adam and Eve hid these crying fleshy mounds of blood and skin from the Lord, as they had their nakedness. The Lord discovered their shame, and declared “What man hides from God, God will hide from man”. The children vanished from their parents’ sight. Adam and Eve gained the knowledge to mourn the loss of their children, and continued to wander the land of Nod, giving birth again to Cain and Abel a year later, their first children forgotten.

The Angels, being merciful, raised these hidden children, nursing them on the nectar of heaven. The children grew to adulthood, and learned of their curse by God and rescue by the Angels.

One sister, Azura, embraced the friendship and love of the Angels. She watched over Cain and Abel, and despite the gulf of their separation, loved and bonded with Abel.

The other sister, Aclima, denied the Angels, accepting the teachings and direction of Lucifer. She poisoned Cain against his brother, driving him to commit the first sin: murder.

Having driven Cain from the light of god into exile, Aclima used secret knowledge from Lucifer to steal Cain from God, permanently. Aclima showed Cain his new path through the dark, and gave birth to two of Cain’s children, the first true born of the Banished. Having gotten what she needed, Aclima left Cain to his own devices, to wander the earth forever, alone.

Widowed Azura, left alone but for the Angels, soon found herself with two children: one able to wander the land of the Lord, and one hidden from their sight. And so was a woman born to continue humanity with Eve’s third son, Seth, and one born to continue the line of the Blessed.

The Blessed Today

The Blessed have chosen to work with the Angels to protect and guide humanity. In return for their curse, the Angels have given them powers to help those around them and guide their path.

All the Blessed work towards one goal: for good to triumph over evil, for the benefit of humanity. How they get to that goal differs among them.

  • The Friends of God seek to help those in need, to be a friend to those suffering or in danger.
  • The Bringers of Fire seek to help humanity leap forward towards greatness, providing peace through progress.
  • The Judges of Light seek to find the evil of the world and root it out, before it can cause more harm to the flock.