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When the Northmen first arrived in Iceland, they didn’t believe they were the first ones there. They believed there was a secret race of men, a hidden people: The Huldufólk. They knew this was their home, and this hidden people lived among the trees and boulders, watching them, influencing their lives, and punishing those that harmed their sacred places.

They Were Right.

Some are born in the hidden world,
heirs to the myths and legend of before.
Some are born between worlds,
forever torn between them.
Others are born in our world and stolen from it.
At great cost.

Whether called elves, fae, or Huldufólk, the Hidden People fight a secret war over the future of this world, and the humans in it. Their story is of struggle, betrayal, loss, and redemption. Just like ours, their story is far from over.

Huldufólk is a narrative game, focused on telling a story of the struggles of this hidden people attempting to mold the world in their image, while protecting their favorite mortals from each other.

Huldufólk is a spiritual successor to In Nomine, portraying the players as hidden people fighting to move the world towards good or evil, while fighting among each other about what either word means.

Huldufólk is a social and political PvP game, forcing the the characters to learn to live with their mortal enemies and backstabbing allies, thwarting their enemy’s efforts without ending their enemies themselves, for the cost of doing so is far too great.

To experience the feel of the Huldufólk world, read our story of a Lost Twin and her sister: Psych Eval.

Learn more about Huldufólk by reading our setting.

If you’d like to experience Huldufólk for yourself, look for our game at Dreamation in February.

For any questions related to Huldufólk, please contact Joe Terranova. For updates on HLGCon and Huldufólk, like WPI or Huldufólk‘s Facebook pages, or subscribe to Winding Path Initiative announcements.

Game Progress and Starting a Huldufolk Game

The entire Huldufolk System and Setting is now available. We’re currently working towards the Public Playtest phase of Huldufolk development, where we’ll have a playtest packet available for local groups to run, and once groups have tried it out we can start a Huldufolk chronicle as part of the Winding Path Initiative Larp Social Club. If you are interested in starting up a Huldufolk game once it’s ready, Contact Us at WPI, and we’ll make sure you’re in the loop when we’re ready to start sending Huldufolk out for public playtesting.