Focused on maintaining one’s temporal holdings, this is the chosen path of many Huldufolk who style themselves as members of the Peerage. Within a character’s Demesne1See Additional Mechanics, Demesne, their will can be exerted as easily as breathing, and to remarkable effect. At lower levels, a character’s Demesne changes to match their desires and extend their awareness, at its greatest heights, the Path of Demesne allows a Peer to control the entry and exit of all creatures, and to decide their fate while they’re caught in the trap.

Demesne 1: Honey Trap (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – The patient spider is best rewarded. The Huldufolk who has begun down the Path of Demesne has learned this and can shape their Demesne to act as their proverbial web. By activating this power, the Huldufolk causes their Demesne to either become attractive; in which case Minor Actors find themselves subtly but irrevocably drawn toward it, or unattractive; in which case Minor Actors avoid it unconsciously, requiring forceful intervention to even acknowledge its presence. This power affects only those characters who can in some way perceive the Demesne.

Spend: Narrow focus can yield wide results. While the Huldufolk’s Demesne may have no sway on the flowing river of humanity, they may choose to specifically affect only a single Minor Actor, drawing them or pushing them away while leaving the overall effect of their Demesne unchanged. If the power is used in this way, it is Defended. This power affects only those characters who can in some way perceive the Demesne.

Demesne 2: Intellectus (Undefended) – This power is passive. From the moment the Huldufolk learns this power, they are always aware of all locations they’ve claimed as Demesne. They know without effort how many people are inside and their general locations. They can sense the layout and contents without effort, navigating their Demesne with eyes closed as easily as otherwise.

Spend: With an effort of will, the Huldufolk can observe any part of their Demesne as though they were physically present.

Demesne 3: Velvet Rope (Defended, Supernatural) – With an effort of will, the Huldufolk forces a single character from their Demesne, ejecting them to the boundary without necessarily crossing the intervening distance.

Spend: After a target has been ejected, or if they are already outside the Demesne, they cannot reenter for one hour (if they are already outside, this power is Undefended)

Demesne 4: Master of the House (Potentially Defended, Mundane) – For one hour, the Huldufolk can control their Demesne without effort, spending a supernatural action to cause doors to spring open, lights to turn on or off, or objects to fly across the room. If the Huldufolk chooses to use this power offensively, they may attack any character currently present in the Demesne.

Spend: If the character attacks, they may attack any number of characters, so long as those characters are currently present in the Demesne.

Demense 5: Not in My House (Defended, Supernatural) – For one hour, Minor Actors cannot leave or enter your Demesne unless you allow them to do so. Major Actors must test in order to enter or leave without your permission.

Spend: The character’s Demesne is sovereign, even to the greatest powers of the Huldufolk. Any time a supernatural power is used in the Demesne while this power is active, the user can choose to disallow it. This is a Defended challenge, but the card of the Huldufolk using power is not expended by the test.