The path most people think of when they hear Destruction. Focuses on inflicting harm and violence. At lower levels, a practitioner inflicts inconvenience and pain upon those who draw their ire, at higher levels, a Huldufolk can inflict truly horrific damage upon their adversaries, and upon the tapestry of creation itself.

Strife 1: Malocchio (Defended, Supernatural) – Bad luck follows the target Minor Actor. They miss the bus, step in a puddle, and find their car has been burgled in the middle of the night. The effects vary from person to person (ST discretion), but they are universally unpleasant, lasting up to 24 hours.

Spend: The misfortune is especially extreme. The target may be mugged, be run over, or simply find that every squirrel in a 10-mile radius has developed an intense and personal hatred for them. The Huldufolk who uses this power may choose for it to be an attack, or may choose to control the specific nature of the misfortune inflicted.

Strife 2: Swift Vengeance (Undefended) – The Huldufolk is surrounded by damaging forces, be it armor of flame, or simply a strong bending of chance. For one hour, foes who target the user with Melee attacks find themselves punished for their transgression, suffering one point of damage for each attack.

Spend: The Huldufolk wills their defensive magic to become an instrument of Destruction, wrapping it around their weapon, or weaving it into every bullet. For one hour, the Huldufolk’s mundane attacks have a base of 2 damage.

Strife 3: Entropy (Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk’s control of the forces of Destruction have reached the point that magic itself is now an avenue of attack. This power is a damaging attack against a single target.

Spend: The Huldufolk can target 3 enemies at once. The user spends a single card for all three attacks, and all the attacks are resolved simultaneously.

Strife 4: Killing Word (Defended, Supernatural) – Unweaving the tenuous threads of life is now a matter of course for the Huldufolk. With this power, the Huldufolk kills a Minor Actor outright.

Spend: Instead of hitting a single Minor Actor with the full force of their destructive might, the Huldufolk infuses the surrounding area. All Minor Actors within the user’s Direct Influence are weakened as the power of destruction assaults their vitality. They lose one action (either mundane or supernatural, user’s choice) for the next five turns.

Strife 5: I am become Death (Defended, Varies) – The Huldufolk’s capacity for inflicting harm is incomparable. They inflict harm upon all enemies (the user can exclude targets at will) within their Personal Influence1See Belief: Personal Influence with a single attack. The defenders resist with either their mundane or supernatural threshold (defender’s choice).

Spend: The magic of Destruction will not be denied. The attacker chooses which threshold the defenders will use (it must be the same for all defenders).

Burn: The Huldufolk’s wroth is such that it shakes the foundations of the world. When resolving damage against enemies in the user’s Personal Influence, the base damage is 2. The Huldufolk additionally inflicts the normal attack against all characters within their Territorial Influence (the user can exclude targets as normal)