Focused on improving one’s own presence and preventing adversaries from robbing the Sovereign of their freedom, be it by mundane or supernatural means. At lower levels, the Huldufolk’s force of personality becomes something imposing, showing them for the force of nature they are. At higher levels, their strength of will prevents even the most lethal adversaries from inflicting themselves upon the practitioner.

Autocracy 1: Celebrity (Potentially Defended, supernatural) – For 1 hour, the Huldufolk becomes remarkable. Perhaps they seem unnaturally beautiful, or carry an aura of violence, or simply draw the eye with pure animal magnetism. For the duration, Minor Actors will not attack the Huldufolk unless attacked first. They may choose to avoid the Huldufolk, or to toady up to such an apparently important person. This use is Undefended.

Spend: The Huldufolk can use their power to draw not only the eye, but the admiration. A single Minor Actor can be forced, against all evidence of the senses, to regard the Huldufolk as a close friend and confidant. The Huldufolk may have just finished pulling their sword from the character’s gut, but all is forgiven and forgotten when such a close ally is involved. This use is defended.

Autocracy 2: Searchlight (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – Any Noble must be conscious of potential assailants. Assassins have been the first argument of a great many kings, and the Huldufolk have learned to handle that threat with this power. For one turn, the user automatically knows when a character is mundanely hidden within 10 meters, and gets a vague sense of their direction. If a character is hidden with a supernatural power, they may Defend against this power.

Spend: The effects of this power last for one hour.

Autocracy 3: Rejuvenation (Undefended) – Magic is the weapon of many who would deny the Huldufolk their due, and Magic is the shield against the greatest dangers of the world. With this power, the Huldufolk restores 1 to their supernatural defensive threshold.

Spend: The Huldufolk restores their supernatural defense threshold to its maximum.

Autocracy 4: Disbelief (Undefended) – Sovereignty from the effects of magic, cutting the ties which bind a Huldufolk to their birthright, is an extreme step, but at times an essential one. By activating this power, a character forces mundanity upon themselves with such power that they become completely untouchable by magic. All active magical effects (including Lesser Path bonuses) upon the character end, and they become impossible to affect with further supernatural effects. The user cannot be targeted by supernatural effects and cannot use magic.

Spend: While this power is active, the Huldufolk may spend Belief to make use of magic for one turn, they still may not be targeted with supernatural effects, and ongoing effects end after that turn.

Autocracy 5: In Persona Christi (Undefended) – The Huldufolk’s will is paramount in all matters of autonomy. Activating this power restores the character to full health and ends all supernatural effects currently active upon them. This power can only be activate once per hour.

Spend: The Huldufolk can be more discerning in their unweaving. When activating this power, the character may decide which effects to remove and which effects to keep.

Burn: At times, the most important ability is to fight another day. When the tide of battle goes too far against the Huldufolk, they may decide to exercise the essential right of travel, disappearing from their current scenario without a test (all other effects of this power still take place) and reappearing anywhere within their territorial boundary.