Focuses on the creation of living things. At lower levels it gives a Huldufolk deep knowledge of other creatures’ well-being, and allows for self-healing and resiliency. At higher levels, plagues, humans, and even magical creatures can be brought into being out of nothing but pure will.


Life 1: Delving (Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk learns the current health and any diseases affecting a Minor Actor. If the Minor Actor is aware of this power and willing to be subjected to it, the power is Undefended.

Spend: The Huldufolk can use Delving on a Major Actor. If the Major Actor is aware of this power and willing to be subjected to it, the power is Undefended and does not require a Spend.

Life 2: Regeneration (Undefended) – The Huldufolk has learned to understand their own body to an incredible extent. By spending a supernatural action concentrating, the character can heal one level of damage.

Spend: The Huldufolk forces the process to happen much more quickly, healing 3 levels of damage with a single supernatural action.

Life 3: Second Wind (Undefended) – The Huldufolk’s regenerative capacity has improved to the point that they can restore a single level to their mundane defensive threshold, washing away the fatigue of battle.

Spend: The Huldufolk completely renews their resources, restoring their mundane defensive threshold to its maximum.

Life 4: The Little Things (Defended, Mundane) – The Huldufolk has taken the first steps of bringing about true Creation, conjuring simple life forms such as viruses and bacteria. The created life forms can perform one of the following functions:

  • Damage: Inflict 1 level of damage per turn until healed or until the target is rendered incapacitated.
  • Coma: If the target becomes incapacitated before this disease is healed, they remain in that state until such time as they are healed.
  • Fatigue: The target loses 2 levels of their mundane threshold when subjected to an attack, rather than the normal 1.
  • Blindness: The character is blinded until healed. They do not have line of sight unless they have access to a supernatural method of operating without sight.
  • Lameness: The character can only take one action per round (either mundane or supernatural) until healed.
  • Antibody: The disease targets an existing malady and can alleviate any mundane or supernatural illness (if the target is willing, this power is Undefended)

Spend: The creator selects two choices from the above list.

Life 5: Genesis (Undefended) – The Huldufolk has reached the height of this Path and can now conjure life from nothing. By spending a supernatural action, the Huldufolk can create a single mundane Minor Actor. The Minor Actor is not mindless, but it is essentially a blank slate, able to perform the functions necessary for survival but without any a priori knowledge or affinities. The Minor Actor is given three qualities, but no affinities.

Spend: The created Minor Actor may be a supernatural creature.

Burn: The creation is a Major Actor.

Special: Three characters who possess this power may opt to use it in conjunction, each burning a Belief, to resurrect a dead character. The resurrected character loses 1 Belief rating upon revival. If the character does not have a Belief rating, or would be reduced to 0 Belief by the resurrection, they cannot be resurrected.