Focuses on claiming new territory and improving a character’s ability to challenge the claims of other Huldufolk. Lower levels allow for simple acts of theft and control, while higher levels allow a Claimant to take full control of their targets and claim vast swathes of territory with a simple act of will.

Empire 1: Taxation (Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk who uses this power need not covet, because they’ve already taken whatever they want. The user may take a single item they can see that is currently in the possession of a Minor Actor.

Spend: The user can target a Major Actor.

Empire 2: Plant the Flag (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk claims a new Demesne1See Additional Mechanics: Demesnes, gaining the benefits associated with a Demesne and gaining the ability to affect the area with powers from the path of Demesne. If this area is already claimed by another Huldufolk of higher Rank, the user must spend 1 point of Belief (activating the Spend of this power requires an additional point of Belief).

Spend: The user claims the new Demesne permanently.

Empire 3: Insight (Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk learns one of their target’s Qualities, Foci, or Path affinities.

Spend: The user can deny the target access to a Quality, Focus, or Path affinity for one hour. This can be used simultaneously with the non-spend effect of this power, learning an enemy’s affinity Path and excising it simultaneously.

Empire 4: Force of Will (Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk’s power is such that their orders simply must be followed. The target follows the user’s verbal commands for up to one hour. Minor Actors will follow the commands to the exclusion of all else, even their own survival. Major Actors will follow the commands until they take a level of damage which is not healed within one round, or until following the order would lead to their immediate death.

Spend: The user need not speak their orders. They simply exert control over their target, sharing the target’s perspective, and deciding their actions.

Empire 5: State of Mind (Potentially Defended, Supernatural) – The Huldufolk immediately becomes aware of any claimed Demesnes within their Territorial Influence, who owns them, and their Belief rating.

Spend: The Huldufolk may contest for ownership of any Demesne they can sense, so long as the current possessor is of equal or lesser Belief rating.

Burn: The Huldufolk can contest for ownership of a Demesne held by a being with a higher Belief rating.